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Customs Management

At Masegosa Consulting we know how essential it is to have a strategy that effectively regulates the import and export processes of your goods.

That is why we offer you a personalized Customs Management service, perfectly adjusted to the demands of your company.

Our team of experts is in charge of taking care of all the needs and requirements of the customs process, with the objective of guaranteeing an efficient management of the means.

In this way, we ensure that all of our clients' goods comply with Customs regulations, thus avoiding delays and additional costs in the process.

Also, one of our most requested services is obtaining and maintaining AEO ("Authorized Economic Operator") status.

A company with this label can benefit from many advantages, as it certifies that the company's supply chain complies with customs regulations, which guarantees the reliability of the goods they transport.

For Masegosa Consulting, Customs Management is a key part of the success of the import and export operations of the companies that collaborate with us.

If you still don't know how a good Customs Brokerage can help you in your foreign trade operations, contact us so we can help you expand your business.

Expand your business internationally with us

Business and strategic consulting for international companies.

Discover all our customs management services.

AEO - Authorized Economic Operator

Optimize your company's operations in the global market and minimize possible risks with our specialized service.

Exempt areas

We help you maximize your company's benefits in exempt areas in the global market.

Processing Regimes

We manage the necessary procedures and requirements to access the benefits of the processing regimes.

AEO Maintenance

AEO consulting and maintenance: customized services for regulatory compliance and optimization of customs procedures

Enterprise Risk Management – Customs Professional Liability Insurance for Customs Brokers and Logistics Operators

International supply chain liability insurance: coverages and options

Customs Software

Selection and advice on customs software for companies with Masegosa Pallarés

Self Clearance - Training

Self-declaration of customs clearance training: benefits and who can be self-declarants

Simplified procedure – Authorization

Simplify your customs procedures with the simplified customs declaration

Registration of the Declarant - Authorization

Simplification of declarant registration under the new customs regulatory framework.

More than 10 years of experience in international consulting and customs management.

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