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We improve your company's operations in international trade and customs management.

What do we do?

We improve international trade processes through a comprehensive analysis of your company's operations. This analysis allows us to offer you the most advantageous customs management tools for your company.
Specific work

How do we do it?

We study your company's operations and propose tools that optimize the work processes, minimizing potential issues and improving the ability to save money.
We help you make decisions to choose the most beneficial business and operational strategies for your company's business model.

We provide customized training workshops in International Trade and Customs Management to train your team.

We provide personalized support from start to finish with a team of specialized consultants in the field.


Increase Profitability

We make your business model as profitable as possible.

Improve Competitiveness

Internally improve your company's operations, and as a result, become more competitive in international markets.

Achieve greater efficiency

Your team has more strength and control over what they do, how they should do it, and what the purpose of their work is. We help you define and improve the roles, functions, and responsibilities of each team member.

Our team consists of professionals in the field of international trade and customs management, led by Mari Carmen Masegosa, an International Consultant and Customs Representative.

Our mission is to implement tools that improve companies' operations through our consulting and training services, with the clear vision of adding value to the business model of each company that entrusts us with their projects.

My name is Mari Carmen Masegosa Pallarés, and I am an International Consultant and Customs Representative certified by the Spanish Tax Agency.

Masegosa Consulting is one of my dreams come true. I am passionate about the world of business and international trade in general. I love analyzing each business and trying to find areas for improvement and proposing solutions. Being able to dedicate myself to what I love and what makes me feel fulfilled by adding value to what I have been specializing in since I started my professional career makes me grow every day and fight to keep this project alive.

What was my previous work experience before founding Masegosa Consulting?

After studying Business Administration, I started my professional career in the Netherlands, working for a company that wanted to expand its products in international markets. Later, I obtained a Master's degree in International Trade and had the opportunity to work in the International Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Almería. Finally, I worked for almost 5 years in Seville as an International Consultant and Coordinator of training programs.

What led me to found my own company, Masegosa Consulting?

In 2020, I decided to start my own business and not postpone the idea any longer. Even though many people told me it wasn't the right time, I felt it was the perfect time to take the leap and prove that my know-how and experience could have a very positive impact on companies.

What are the values that define Masegosa Consulting?

The values that define Masegosa Consulting are: Trust, Commitment, Integrity, Involvement, Passion, Teamwork, and Empathy.
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