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What does it mean to be a customs representative?

What is a customs representative? As specialists in international trade, we explain that it is an agent who represents third parties before Customs for the presentation of customs declarations. They are professionals who intervene in the process of importing and exporting goods, a job profile whose functions are regulated by the Tax Agency and whose aim is to speed up the commercialisation process through different actions.

What are the functions of a customs representative?

First of all, from Masegosa Consulting, we would like to explain some of the functions that a customs representative can carry out, which, depending on the operations of your company, will carry out one type of declaration or another.

In order to be able to work as a customs representative, he/she must be registered in the Register of Customs Representatives of the Customs and Special Taxes Department of the Tax Agency, a formalism for which a training course carried out by this tax body is required.


  • Acting on representation of the economic operator: directly, indirectly or both.
  • Management of customs formalities with the Tax Agency.
  • Payment of customs duties on behalf of the importer.
  • Management of customs services, in other words, it is responsible for making the application to the bodies which, depending on the type of goods, must accompany the declaration in order to pass through customs: sanitary and phytosanitary controls, SOIVRE, etc.
  • Accompaniment and assistance in customs inspections.
  • Advice on international trade.
  • Presentation of customs declarations.

At Masegosa Consulting we are consultants and customs representatives and we make sure that your company has all the necessary and regulatory documentation to carry out all the necessary import and export procedures. Contact us and count on a specialised advisor who will help you to carry out these types of procedures.

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